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SMART BUYING TIPS for friends and family that do not yet have a policy


  1. Set yourself a deadline: Time is your enemy when it comes to purchasing long term care insurance. Time leads to increasing age and deteriorating health. That means higher premiums or being uninsurable. Set yourself a decision deadline. Take the pressure of being self-insured off your shoulders and transfer it to an insurance company.
  2. Work with someone who represents multiple companies: Long term care solutions are becoming more varied and depend on your total financial and family situation more than ever. An agent who represents multiple companies can choose the plan best suited for you.
  3. Shared care can save you money: Shared care riders can allow the benefits to be used by two cohabiting people. This brings both flexibility and lower cost. In addition, many Insurers offer significant discounts to couples who apply together.
  4. New products offer exciting options: With the explosion of new and varied long term care solutions, you need expert advice. Make sure you get it. We have years of long term care experience. We can help.